For documentation we use Sphinx and this will be read by ReadTheDocs. We use the Sphinx Bootstrap Theme

This documentation is included in the GitHub repository. It allows us to create documentation per version of ESPEasy.

See also the ESPEasy wiki for more documentation which has not been moved here.

Needed Python packages:

pip install sphinx recommonmark sphinx_bootstrap_theme

PlatformIO with Atom

With the ESPEasy project open in Atom, open the PIO terminal in Atom.

Install dependencies:

cd docs
pip install ... (see needed Python packages above)

Build on Windows:

cd docs
.\make.bat html

Build on Linux/Mac:

cd docs
./make html

LaTeX (PDF) build on Linux

To build a PDF document of this documentation, you need to have LaTeX installed and some texlive packages.

Via apt-get installed packages:

sudo apt-get install xzdec texlive-fonts-recommended texlive-latex-recommended texlive-latex-extra