Similar to a smartphones “apps” the ESP Easy plugins extends the functionality of the core operating system. You can use as many plugins as you available tasks.

List of official plugins

There’s three different released versions of ESP Easy:

NORMAL is the stable release, you can consider these plugins reliable and you can use these in production.

TESTING is the release with new plugins that have not yet been fully tested and proven stable.

DEVELOPMENT is used for plugins that are still being developed and are not considered stable at all.

Plugin name Plugin status Plugin number
Internal GPIO handling NORMAL P000 (core)
Switch Input - Switch NORMAL P001
Analog Input - Internal NORMAL P002
Generic - Pulse counter NORMAL P003
Environment - DS18b20 NORMAL P004
Environment - DHT11/12/22 SONOFF2301/7021 NORMAL P005
Environment - BMP085/180 NORMAL P006
Analog input - PCF8591 NORMAL P007
RFID - Wiegand NORMAL P008
Switch Input - MCP23017 NORMAL P009
Light/Lux - BH1750 NORMAL P010
Extra IO - ProMini Extender NORMAL P011
Display - LCD2004 NORMAL P012
Position - HC-SR04/RCW-0001 NORMAL P013
Environment - SI7021/HTU21D NORMAL P014
Light/Lux - TSL2561 NORMAL P015
Communication - TSOP4838 NORMAL P016
Dust - Sharp GP2Y10 NORMAL P018
Switch input - PCF8574 NORMAL P019
Communication - Serial Server NORMAL P020
Regulator - Level Control NORMAL P021
Extra IO - PCA9685 NORMAL P022
Display - OLED SSD1306 NORMAL P023
Environment - MLX90614 NORMAL P024
Analog input - ADS1115 NORMAL P025
Generic - System Info NORMAL P026
Energy (DC) - INA219 NORMAL P027
Environment - BMx280 NORMAL P028
Output - Domoticz MQTT Helper NORMAL P029
Environment - BMP280 NORMAL P030
Environment - SHT1X NORMAL P031
Environment - MS5611 (GY-63) NORMAL P032
Generic - Dummy Device NORMAL P033
Environment - DHT12 (I2C) NORMAL P034
Communication - IR Transmit NORMAL P035
Display - OLED SSD1306/SH1106 Framed NORMAL P036
Generic - MQTT Import NORMAL P037
Output - NeoPixel (Basic) NORMAL P038
Environment - Thermocouple NORMAL P039
Output - NeoPixel (Word Clock) NORMAL P041
Output - NeoPixel (Candle) NORMAL P042
Output - Clock NORMAL P043
Communication - P1 Wifi Gateway NORMAL P044
Gyro - MPU 6050 TESTING P045
Hardware - Ventus W266 TESTING P046
Environment - Soil moisture sensor TESTING P047
Motor - Adafruit Motorshield v2 TESTING P048
Gases - CO2 MH-Z19 NORMAL P049
Color - TCS34725 DEVELOPMENT P050
Environment - AM2320 NORMAL P051
Gases - CO2 Senseair NORMAL P052
Dust - PMSx003 TESTING P053
Communication - DMX512 TX TESTING P054
Notify - Chiming TESTING P055
Dust - SDS011/018/198 DEVELOPMENT P056
Display - HT16K33 TESTING P057
Keypad - HT16K33 TESTING P058
Switch input - Rotary Encoder NORMAL P059
Analog input - MCP3221 TESTING P060
Keypad - PCF8574/MCP23017 TESTING P061
Keypad - MPR121 Touch TESTING P062
Keypad - TTP229 Touch NORMAL P063
Gestrure - APDS9960 DEVELOPMENT P064
Notify - DFPlayer-Mini MP3 TESTING P065
Color - VEML6040 TESTING P066
Weight - HX711 Load Cell TESTING P067
Environment - SHT30/31/35 TESTING P068
Environment - LM75A TESTING P069
Output - NeoPixel Ring Clock TESTING P070
Communication - Kamstrup Multical 401 TESTING P071
Environment - HDC1080 (I2C) TESTING P072
Display - 7-segment display NORMAL P073
Light/Lux - TSL2591 TESTING P074
Display - Nextion TESTING P075
Energy (AC) - HLW8012/BL0937 TESTING P076
Energy (AC) - CSE7766 TESTING P077
Energy (AC) - Eastron SDM120C/220T/230/630 TESTING P078
Motor - Wemos Motorshield NORMAL P079
Switch input - iButton TESTING P080
Generic - CRON TESTING P081
Position - GPS TESTING P082
Gasses - SGP30 TESTING P083
Energy (DC) - AcuDC243 TESTING P085
Generic - Homie receiver TESTING P086
Communication - SerialProxy TESTING P087
Energy (Heat) - HeatpumpIR TESTING P088
Communication - Ping TESTING P089
Gases - CCS811 TVOC/eCO2 TESTING P090
Switch input - Serial MCU controlled switch TESTING P091
Energy (Heat) - Mitsubishi Heat Pump TESTING P093

Internal GPIO handling

Plugins: Internal GPIO handling

Hardware: Relay, Servo motor, Buzzer (RTTTL), Piezo element, Speaker


Plugins: Gestrure - APDS9960


Plugins: Gyro - MPU 6050


Plugins: Hardware - Ventus W266

Hardware: Ventus W266


Plugins: Color - TCS34725, Color - VEML6040


Plugins: UV - VEML6070


Plugins: Regulator - Level Control


Plugins: Weight - HX711 Load Cell