WiFi disconnect reasons

Beacon timeout (200)

For more information on the Beacon frame, see Wikipedia.

In short, the access point sends periodically a packet containing information about the network. This interval is typically 100 TU (102.4 msec). The ESP module is trying to listen to this beacon every time, but for a number of reasons it may miss a beacon frame. The timeout is longer than 100 TU, so it must miss a number of these beacon frames to report a beacon timeout. Reasons to miss such a beacon frame are:

  • too busy processing other blocking tasks (very likely)
  • access point not sending a beacon due to high traffic demands of others (depending on brand/model/settings)
  • RF disturbances (not likely given how often this occurs)
  • clock drift (not really likely)

So the “beacon timeout” is happening every now and then on the ESP nodes and ESPeasy will try to reconnect.