Energy - MAX1704x

Sparkfun Fuel Gauge Sensor

Plugin details

Type: Energy

Name: MAX1704x


GitHub: _P115_MAX1704x_v2.ino

Maintainer: TD-er

Used libraries:


The MAX1704x are ultra-compact, low-cost, host-side fuel-gauge systems for lithium-ion (Li+) batteries in handheld and portable equipment.

  • MAX17043: single lithium cell

  • MAX17044: dual-cell 2S pack.

  • MAX17048: single lithium cell

  • MAX17049: dual-cell 2S pack.


The MAX17048 & MAX17049 are more sophisticated versions, which support a number of extra features like measuring the change rate in percent per hour to measure load or charge rate.


Device Settings

Device: Select the version of the MAX1704x:

  • MAX17043

  • MAX17044 - 2-cell version of the MAX17043 (full-scale range of 10V)

  • MAX17048

  • MAX17049 - 2-cell version of the MAX17048

Alert threshold : Set the MAX1704x’s percentage threshold that will trigger an alert.

Send Event on Alert : Send an event, to be used in rules, when the alert is set. This can be cleared with max1704xclearalert


  • Voltage: The measured voltage of the cell(s).

  • State of Charge (SoC): The percentage left of the cell.

  • Alert: Whether or not an alert was triggered (e.g. SoC below set threshold)

  • Rate: The change rate of the SoC in percent per hour. Negative value is a discharge, positive is charge rate. (MAX17048 & MAX17049 only)





Alert is triggered for a task running MAX1704x. This alert state can be cleared with the max1704xclearalert command.

Command Summary

Command Syntax

Extra information

Clear the alert state. An alert event will only be sent when the alert state is set. Clearing it allows for new events to be set.

Change log

Changed in version 2.0: added 2021-05-08 Added to main repository as Plugin 115 Energy - Fuel Gauge MAX1704x