UV - VEML6075

UVA/UVB Sensor

Plugin details

Type: UV

Name: VEML6075


GitHub: P114_VEML6075.ino

Maintainer: TD-er, clumsy-stefan, tonhuisman

Used libraries: .


This I2C sensor with 2 resolutions (normal/high dynamic) offers UVA (365 +/-10 nm) and UVB (330 +/-10 nm) measurement and a calculated UVIndex value. Output result for UV is in irradiance, watt per square metre. The maximum value that can me measured is 65535, as the chip provides 16 bit values.

NB: If the unit is over-exposed, possibly the measurement could exceed the maximum returned value of 65535, and the calculated UVIndex value will not be correct.

NB2: When measuring outside UV exposure, the sensor should also be outside, as f.e. window glass filters out most UV radiance, and measurements will be (very) inaccurate.



Name A unique name should be entered here.

Enabled The device can be disabled or enabled. When not enabled the device should not use any resources.

I2C Options

The available settings here depend on the build used. At least the Force Slow I2C speed option is available, but selections for the I2C Multiplexer can also be shown. For details see the Hardware page

I2C Address: The address the device is using. Depending on the board used, when available a SDO pin, or soldering a 0 ohm resistor on a different location, can be used to select the used address. If that address selection is not available, then an I2C multiplexer (in a matching ESPEasy build) can be used to use multiple sensors on a single ESPEasy unit.

Device Settings

Integration Time: The integration time setting of the sensor determines the accuracy of the measurement. There are 5 options available:


50 ms The default value, using an integration time of 50 msec.





Usually a higher integration time results in a more accurate measurement.

Dynamic Setting: This determines the dynamic setting:


Normal Dynamic

High Dynamic For better response to changing conditions during measurement.

The Data Acquisition, Send to Controller and Interval settings are standard available configuration items. Send to Controller only when one or more Controllers are configured.

Interval By default, Interval will be set to 60 sec. The minimum value allowed is 1 sec. but for measuring UV values, that don’t change very quickly, reasonable values should be between 10 and 300 sec.


The measured values are available in UVA, UVB and UCIndex. A formula can be set to recalculate. The number of decimals is by default set to 2, and can be set to 0 for UVA and UVB, as no decimals are provided from the measurement. UVIndex value is often used without decimals, but can be set as desired.

Change log

Changed in version 2.0: added 2021-04-24 Moved to main repository as Plugin 114 UV - VEML6075 UVA/UVB Sensor from the ESPEasyPluginPlayground (P130).