Position - GPS

Determine position and sync system time using a GPS receiver communicating via serial

Plugin details

Type: Position

Port Type: Serial

Name: GPS


GitHub: P082_GPS.ino

Maintainer: TD-er

Used libraries: https://github.com/mikalhart/TinyGPSPlus/tree/v1.0.2

Supported hardware

Neo 6M, Neo 7M, Neo M8n




GPS#GotFix Will trigger when the GPS unit got a good position from the satellites.

on GPS#GotFix do
 GPIO,2,1 //LED on

GPS#LostFix Will trigger when the GPS unit is not having a good position from the satellites.

on GPS#LostFix do
  GPIO,2,0 //LED off

GPS#travelled When configured to update every N meters travelled, this event will be triggered if the GPS moved more than N meters away from the last position this trigger was given. This means the total travel distance can be more if the GPS does not move in a straight line.

on GPS#travelled do
  LogEntry,'Travelled %eventvalue% meter'

Future plans

The following new features may be added later:

  • Selectable baud rate

  • New event: GPS#Travelled to signal when a preset distance was moved since previous event.

  • New event: GPS#Geofence to signal when within set distance from a set target. (e.g. home)

  • Change of output units (km, miles, etc)

  • Use some threshold on used satellites and HDOP values.

  • Update location settings found in advanced settings.

Change log

Changed in version 2.0:

added 2019-01-05 with support for basic GPS features and setting system time.