Energy (Heat) - HeatpumpIR

Sends air conditioner / heatpump infrared commands.

Plugin details

Type: Energy (Heat)

Name: HeatpumpIR

Status: IRext

GitHub: P088_HeatpumpIR.ino

Maintainer: .

Used libraries:

The plugin is included into the the minimal_IRext_ESP8266_1M image

Supported hardware

Infrared LED connected in series with a ~1kΩ resistor. A support heatpump / airconditioner device to control.

Commands available


Extra information



panasonic_ckp Panasonic CPK series

panasonic_dke Panasonic DKE series

panasonic_jke Panasonic JKE series

panasonic_nke Panasonic NKE series

panasonic_lke Panasonic LKE series

carrier_nqv Carrier/Toshiba

carrier_mca Carrier/Toshiba

midea Midea

fujitsu_awyz Fujitsu AWYZ

mitsubishi_fd Mitsubishi FD

mitsubishi_fe Mitsubishi FE

mitsubishi_msy Mitsubishi MSY

mitsubishi_msc Mitsubishi MSC

mitsubishi_fa Mitsubishi FA

samsung_aqv Samsung AQV

samsung_fjm Samsung FJM

sharp Sharp

daikin Daikin

daikin_arc417 Daikin ARC417

mitsubishi_heavy_zj Mitsubishi Heavy Electric ZJ

mitsubishi_heavy_zm Mitsubishi Heavy Electric ZM

mitsubishi_heavy_fdtc Mitsubishi Heavy FDTC

mitsubishi_sez Mitsubishi SEZ

hyundai Hyundai

hisense_aud Hisense

gree Gree (generic)

greeyan Gree YAN

greeyaa Gree YAN

fuego Fuego

toshiba Toshiba

toshiba_daiseikai Toshiba Daiseikai

ivt IVT

hitachi Hitachi

ballu Ballu



0 Power off

1 Power on


1 Automatic

2 Heat

3 Cool

4 Dry

5 Fan only

6 Maintenance heating (10 or 8 degrees Celsius)

fan: a value from 0 to 5, 0 is auto speed

temperature: temperature in degrees Celsius, 16-30

swingV: vertical swing position (not supported on most models)

swingH: horizontal swing position (not supported on most models)

Examples: Panasonic CKP on, automatic mode, automatic fan speed, 22 degrees C, automatic horizontal & vertical swing

http://<ESP IP address>/control?cmd=heatpumpir,panasonic_ckp,1,1,0,22,0,0

For more examples, read the comments in the source code of P088_HeatpumpIR.ino

Change log

Added in version 1.0:

added Initial release version.